Grenada Rugby World 7's


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Teams indicating their intention to participate in 2023 GRW7s are as follows:


  • Apache 7s (UK)
  • Atlantis (USA)
  • Barbados (Caribbean)
  • FRN (UK)
  • Guyana (Caribbean)
  • Maroons (Caribbean/USA)
  • Rugby Quebec (Canada)
  • Samurai (UK)
  • Trinidad Northern (Caribbean)
  • Tropics 7s (UK)



  • Atlantis (USA)
  • FRN (UK)
  • Les Bleues OGs (Canada)
  • Redshirts (USA)
  • Rugby Quebec (Canada)
  • St. Lucia (Caribbean)
  • The Misfits (UK/USA/Caribbean)
  • The Rugby Advantage (USA)
  • Toronto Saracens (Canada)
  • Tropics 7s (UK)

With only one pitch in the stadium, we can only accept TEN (10) teams in each Division.


Not every team listed above has paid the Entry Fee, so whereas we are aware of their serious intent to participate, places remain available on a ‘first pay’ basis.