Grenada Rugby World 7's

Tournament Rules



  1. The name of the tournament shall be the “Grenada Rugby World 7s ”.
  2. The tournament shall be played in conformity with the World Rugby Laws – Standard Set of variations for the Seven-a-side Game.
  3. The Tournament is open to all teams who have been invited by the organizing committee.
  4. The Tournament will comprise both Men’s and Women’s competitions.


  1. The duration of matches will be seven minutes each half with a one minute half time interval.
  2. Team managers shall register their teams with the Tournament Umpire at least twenty minutes before the start of their first match in the Tournament. A maximum of twelve players may be registered.
  3. The coin toss for each match will take place at the Referees area at the half time interval BEFORE the next game to be played.
  4. Team officials are responsible for getting their teams onto the field by the time shown on the draw. Failure to field at least five players will result in the points for a walkover being awarded to the team which is ready to play. The Tournament Umpire is NOT allowed any discretion in this matter.
  5. If at the end of the pool matches two sides have the same number of points awarded to them, the winner will be the team that has scored the greater number of tries. If the teams are still tied, the winner will be the team that has scored the greater number of converted tries. If the teams are still tied, the winner will be the team that has the largest positive difference between points scored and points conceded. If the teams are still tied, the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin.
  6. There can be no more than seven players from each team in the playing area. A team may replace or substitute five players during a match subject to the consent of the referee. If a player is substituted, that player may not return to play in that match unless to replace a player with a bleeding or open wound.
  7. Only medically trained persons, other than players and the referee, may enter the playing area. Coaches may brief their teams at halftime from the touch line but the interval will not be extended to allow such team talks to be completed and the coach may not enter the field of play or the players leave it without the consent of the referee.
  8. A team which can field only seven or less than seven players because of injury, may borrow players or reserves from sides that played in the same competition or a lower one and have already been eliminated. A team that borrows a player must retain that player as a member of their squad for the remainder of the Tournament, unless that player is injured.
  9. When a conversion is being taken, the opposing team must immediately assemble close to their own 10 metre line. Failure to do so shall not prevent the conversion being taken, but an unsuccessful attempt may be retaken if the scoring team wishes to do so.
  10. A conversion attempt must be a drop kick, but it may be taken from the field of play or the in-goal area, on a line through the place where the try was scored.
  11. Following a score, the team that scored will restart the match with a drop kick from the half-way line.
  12. A player Red Carded and sent off under law 10 will not be permitted to play again during the tournament and the referee shall submit a written report to the constituent body or Rugby Union of which the player’s team is a member. A player temporarily suspended with a Yellow Card three times during the Tournament, will not be permitted to play again in the Tournament.
  13. The referee’s decision on all matters arising during playing of any game will be final.
  14. The rules of the Tournament – including their interpretation – are matters solely for the Tournament Umpire.